8.   Why people should explain their thinking.

People should explain their thinking as to how they have reach their decisions and conclusions.

Reasons for explaining your thinking:

  1.  Your thinking can be checked for errors.

  2.  People can suggest improvements.

  3.  It can help people understand your decision or conclusion and how you reached it.

  4.  It can help other people with their own thinking; give them ideas and examples.

  5.  It proves that you have really thought about it and not just assumed it.

  6.  If it is proved wrong it can help you, provided that you learn from it.


  1.  If people cannot explain their reasoning as to how they have reached their decision or conclusion, have they really thought about it? How much credence can you put in their decision or conclusion.

  2.  If somebody told you something which you disagreed with, wouldn't you want to know how they reached their conclusion?

  3.  Wouldn't you expect people to explain their reasoning if asked to?

  4.  If it is good enough, their thinking will stand up to scrutiny.