5.   Effort x Multiplier.

1.  People in industrialised countries generate more wealth than people in the
     past, even though they do not work any harder. Therefore there must be
     something which is multiplying people's efforts.

2.  What people can achieve is therefore their effort times their multiplier.

3.  People's effort consist of:-

  •   Hours worked - There is a limit to the number of hours you can work.

  •   How hard you work - There is a limit to how hard you can work.

  •   People's Ability - Has anybody unlimited ability?
      They still need time to use their abilities.

  •   Experience - There is a limit to the amount of experience you can get.
      Ultimately you are limited by the time you can spend gaining experience.

4.  People's multiplier consist of some of the following, depending on their job:-

  •   Law & Order - would you prosper in a failed state like Somalia?

  •   The economy - size and strength of it - it is easier to make money in a large strong economy than a small weak one.

  •   Industrialization - Technology, tools and machines - these have greatly increased people's productivity.

  •   Infrastructure - Road, Rail, Air communications, Electric & Gas Grids, Water,
      Telephone & Internet services and all the things that make a modern lifestyle possible.

  •   Natural Resources - Oil, Gas, Minerals, Water etc, and the use we make of them.

  •   R & D - New ideas and inventions.

  •   Knowledge - What you learn from others.

  •   The job you are in - different jobs have different multipliers.

5.  Except for Natural Resources, people's multipliers are made up of the efforts of others. Everybody else is part of your multiplier and you are part of everybody else's multiplier. We are all interconnected and affect each other. Your multiplier can be reduced by people's talents being wasted, by their not being in their right job.

6.  What makes up the multiplier of Sports People, Actors, Entertainers, Industrialists, Financiers. All of these need a rich economy in order to prosper. How would they fare in a failed country. People in different countries earn different amounts doing the same job.

7.  In the case of Actors, compare what they could earn before and after the event of Cinema and TV. Similarly compare what sports persons could earn before and after the event of TV. They are doing the same amount of work but earning far more money today.

8.  There is a limit to the amount of effort you can put in, but potentially there is no limit to a multiplier. Therefore everybody needs to maximise their multiplier. The best way to maximise everybody's multiplier is to get every job done by the best person available.