4.   Specialisation.

1.  Without specialisation mankind cannot progress beyond a rudimentary society.

2.  Advantages of specialisation.

    a.  Makes the best use of people’s talents – we cannot afford to waste talent.

    b.  People can increase their knowledge concerning their speciality, thereby
         increasing mankind's range of skills enabling:-
            i.  A greater range of jobs to be done.
           ii.  More complicated projects to be done.
          iii.  Better ways of doing things.

    c.  People can become more efficient at their speciality.

    d.  It allows us all to overcome our limitations by other people doing the tasks we are not good at.

    All of the above should lead to:-.
      -  Increased production.
      -  Lower costs.
      -  Greater range of products and services.
      -  Better quality products and services.

3.  Downside of specialisation.

    a.  Unequal job rewards.

    b.  Boredom doing repetitive jobs.

4.  Conclusion.

    People have to specialise in order that mankind can progress – it is not optional – we
    have to do it. The disadvantages have to be overcome.