3.   Right person in the right job.

1.  Why should we get the right person in the right job?
  a. It makes the best use of people’s talents – we cannot afford to waste talent.
  b. It gives mankind the best chance of solving its problems.
  c. The more effect a job has, the more important it is to get the right person in the job.
  d. Can a person achieve their full potential, if people whose work affects them are not the best people for their jobs.
  e. The better people perform the better it is for you. You want other people to achieve their full potential.
  f. Other people produce the goods and provide the services you buy. You therefore have a vested interest in who does these jobs.

2.  If everybody was in their right job.
  a. If most people in the world achieved their maximum potential, what effect would it have on you?
  b. To get the best possible world you have to get the right people in the right job. It is in everybody’s self interest for this to happen.
  c. It is the best way we can all help each other.
  d. Can you have to many people in the right job?
  e. Who would benefit if everybody was in the right job?
  f. Whose interests are not served by having the right people in the right jobs?
  g. Which job would not benefit from having the right person in that job?

3.  Who do you want making decisions, which affect you?
  a. How many decisions are taken by other people, which affect you directly and indirectly. Who do you want taking these decisions?
  b. In a modern society you havn't got time or the knowledge to make every decision yourself. Therefore we need to have people make decisions for us.
  c. Decisions need to be taken by those best equipped to make them. The more important the decision the more important it is that the best person or persons make that decision.
  d. If the right people get in the jobs there shouldn't be as many bad decisions made.

4.  The wrong person in the job.
  a. If people are not in the right job:
    i. They cannot do the job as well as it should be done.
   ii. Their talents are being wasted.
  iii. They stop the right person from doing that job.
  b. Everybody who isn’t in the right job detracts from you and everybody else.
  c. What don’t you want? – the wrong person in a job.

5.  We will never be able to get every last person in their right job, but the more that we can, the better it will be.