2.   How much help do you get from other people?

1.   You are not independent from society. To do your job and prosper you need other people to do their jobs.

2.   Some of the things we get from society i.e. other people doing their jobs:
  •  Agriculture, food preparation and distribution
  •  Safety from foreign and internal aggression
  •  Maintaining and improving the infrastructure Transport, Electronic & Postal  Communications, Electricity, Gas & Water Grids, Sewage & Waste Disposal etc
  •  Maintaining and improving the Manufacturing Base, plus Manufactured Goods
  •  Services Finance, Insurance, Information providers etc
  •  Trained workforce / skills / experience
  •  Education services
  •  Preservation of information / Knowledge
  •  R & D
  •  Medical services

3.  Standard of Living
  a. What standard of living could you have if you were truly self-sufficient?
  b. Without other people doing their jobs, what standard of living could you have?
  c. How much of your standard of living could you recreate by yourself if you had to start from scratch?
  d. How many people have to do their jobs, for you to have your standard of living?
  e. How much effort goes into creating your standard of living? What percentage of this effort is yours and how much is down to other people?

4.  The Economy
  a. It is better to be part of a vibrant strong economy than a weak stagnant economy or a declining economy.
  b. Your effect on the economy is small compared to the effect the rest of society has.

5.   Other people do more work for you, than you do for yourself. Therefore you want to maximise what other people do for you.