1.   What can you achieve solely by your own efforts.

1.   If you want to know what you could achieve if you had to literally rely solely on your
      own efforts, look at what feral children are like. Without the help of other people that is
      what you would be like. You need other people in order to achieve your full potential.

2.   What if you had been abandoned on a desert island when you where young. What
      could you have achieved.

4.   What could you achieve if you had been born into a remote tribe in New Guinea or
      the Amazonian rain forest with no contact with the outside world?

3.   What could the likes of Alexander the Great, Albert Einstein and Bill Gates have been
      able to achieve if they had been born in the Stone Age, had been abandoned on a
      desert island or been born into a remote tribe?

4.   If people had to rely solely on their own efforts, they would not have been able
      to get out of the Stone Age.

5.   It is only because of the efforts of others past and present that people can achieve
      so much today.